Transition to retirement

Retirement is about so much more than finishing work. It’s the beginning of the next exciting journey; an experience that should be filled with options and opportunities.

To help you and your people have the best possible transition from work, we’ve partnered with Changing Gears - an innovative new approach to managing retirement transitions with dignity.

How does it work?


Holistic workshops that support people’s shift to thinking about what is possible, the next steps and new goal

Interactive Goal Setting

Access dynamic and responsive online life planning and goal setting tools to build a custom set of goals, with prompts and support.

Services & Tools

Our platform offers a full suite of services to support retirement transition, including financial advice, coaching, health, volunteering and more


We provide ongoing access and support for your people and your team with regular reporting, analytics and insights into your workforce


Our program tracks and reports on goals achieved, and outcomes met. Helping you successfully manage your talent and your people their transition. Employee get their own life plan to support them ongoing.

Why Changing Gears?

Your senior people are likely among some of your most talented. When they retire abruptly, you lose the opportunity to benefit from their experience, skills and wisdom. You can’t plan for succession and you can lose valuable corporate knowledge. Being able to plan and manage your talent and their transition through a well planned process can make this a positive outcome for everyone.

Helping them have the best transition possible means their final years with you are meaningful, positive and beneficial - for your business, your employer brand and for their life after work.

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Learn more about managing transition to retirement

With 4 million baby boomers set to retire in the next few years, it’s essential that HR Managers are prepared for the transition. Learn more about how to best manage it with our free guide below.

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