The Career Money Life platform enables employees to use funds provided by their employer to purchase a wide range of services from suppliers of their choice.

Career Money Life is a totally new and unique approach to career development, retention and career transition!

We can provide you with access to new markets of qualified buyers with credit to spend, time to consider and engage with your services, and the desire to use them.

With Career Money Life you can:

Reach New Clients Directly

  • Our online platform can give you access to new client markets that you can turn into ongoing valuable client relationships
  • Reach clients that traditionally were only accessible to large full service national and international HR Service providers

Get Recognised as a Quality Supplier

  • The unique Career Money Life platform allows clients to provide and share their experiences with suppliers.
  • Great quality suppliers will benefit from the ongoing positive client feedback; to help build your brand, hone and improve your services and add additional services.
  • Only registered clients and their employer organisations using Career Money Life can view your price information and feedback ratings. Competing suppliers cannot.

Enjoy Flexibility to Tailor and Target your Services

  • You can offer special promotions and differentiate your prices to reflect your client base, even choose which organisation you offer your services to
  • You can easily create multiple service offerings to cater to different purchase criteria
  • Control your service offering and prices in real time, you have total control to manage your capacity and respond to industry changes.

Be in Good Company

  • All our suppliers are carefully vetted; they meet best practice industry standards, are compliant with industry professional qualifications and licensing and have a good reputation with their existing clients and employers.
  • So you can feel comfortable that you will be joining a community of like-minded suppliers who are passionate about their clients and care about their reputation.

Enjoy Competitive Transaction Fees

  • We have some of the most competitive transaction rates in the industry. Contact us for more details.