The Career Money Life online platform enables employees to purchase services of their choice from a range of quality suppliers all in one secure place

We believe career development and career transition work best when:

  • One size isn't trying to fit all
  • People are given choice of services
  • People own the process, and drive the outcomes
  • When there is trust, dignity and respect
  • People can connect with providers of their choosing, on their timeframe

No two people are the same and employee's expectations are increasing. So formulaic approaches to career development and transition, which dont meet individual needs, are being increasingly questioned in a digital first world.

This is where Career Money Life comes in…

  • Our platform give employees choice, control, tools and time to realise their development and career goals given their personal needs and circumstances. We support every type of HR program from EAP to Career Transition.
  • You provide your employees with access to a wealth of options and choices of high quality and carefully vetted specialist suppliers and their services. You can select specific services for your employees or leave it up to them to choose based on their own individual requirements.
  • Our platform allows your employees to purchase services efficiently, and safely up to an allowance you pre-set based on your Human Resource program and budget. So no surprises!
  • It is simple to get started and best of all, unused allowances from your employees can be reused on future services so you don’t waste any of your budget.

What if your career development and outplacement processes could…?

Increase Employee Happiness

  • Giving employees choice and empowering them to make real decisions regarding their career development or next steps is a powerful tool to build advocates of your organisation and reduce risk.
  • Ongoing employees will take more ownership of their development if given a choice of service provider, and therefore more likely to gain value from it.
  • Departing employees are more likely to be positive and active promoters of your organisation if given the ability to make their own choices about services and providers that are relevant to them.
  • Helping employees move from work to parental leave and back, or supporting a dignified transition to retirement, makes your people feel valued and respected through all stages of the employment cycle.

Lower Cost, Without Sacrificing Quality

  • The cost of running a career development or transition program can be much lower when using the Career Money Life platform, but with no reduction in quality of services or outcomes.
  • There are no charges or fees for employers using the service, all you pay for is the services ordered by employees.
  • Unused allowance or credit is automatically rolled over allowing you to re-allocate these credits to other employees or order services directly.

Enhance Control

  • You and your organisation have control – you are able to select and hide suppliers and service categories, based on your understanding of your employees’ needs, your culture and values. You can even alter the options for different groups of employees with varying needs.
  • You can set benchmarks for supplier feedback to ensure your people see only suppliers who meet your standard.
  • Your existing service providers can continue to offer their services via Career Money Life if you wish.
  • Suppliers are available in most cities in Australia in person and online.

Increase Information and Transparency

  • The platform provides you with detailed real time reporting on your employees preferred selection of services and suppliers, and the performance of these suppliers. You can see when your employees use the platform and what they do.
  • We can also help you understand how they feel about your organisation, and their exit process (if relevant).

Upcoming changes in your organisation?

Often this is likely to mean you will be making tough decisions about job cuts.

Former employees don’t just fade away, they continue to be customers, shareholders, clients, consultants, and brand influencers amongst their networks. A positive exit experience can result in former employees actively promoting your brand within their spheres of influence.

Career Money Life provides you with a simple and cost effective way to help achieve this goal.