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We put you in Control

You decide what services and supplier will best meet your needs, be it for career development or transition, return to work from parental leave, health and well-being or financial advice.

You select the coach, counsellor, or advisor that suits you best. You choose where you want to meet them, near home or work, or perhaps online.

Our simple platform enables you to easily compare offers, ask suppliers questions and review community feedback to help you make your selection.

Pursuing Career or Personal Development

Personal development is not only important to our career, but can also be very satisfying. Yet it is not always easy to know where to start and which specialist coach, mentor or other provider to use. We are here to provide guidance and tools to help you make the best choice for you.

Leaving your Current Employer

One of the biggest life decisions is changing jobs, even when you choose to make the change, it can be challenging, but even more so when it happens to you. There are many paths to choose, new role, new career, new business, time out, caring for family, travel, boards, volunteering, and education. Use our tools and resources to think through which path is best for you, and the services you need to help you get there. You're in control, but not alone.

We are here to help you make the best choices for you.

We recognise there are many paths to choose, new role, new department, new career, new business, time out, caring for family, travel, boards, volunteering, and education. Not everyone wants the same thing and certainly not at the same time. So you decide what you would like.

For many people making career and life decisions is not easy. So we have put together tools and resources to help you navigate the options and choices available to you.

Our easy 3-step process will keep you on track no matter what your goals are:

We have an easy 3-step process to assist you


  • Discover the large range of service categories, the services listed under each category, and the suppliers who provide the services
  • Complete the My Next Steps questionnaire to uncover service categories that are relevant to your needs
  • Review our Profiles to see what works for people like you

Compare and Select

  • Easily compare services based on location, price, service scope and reviews
  • Questions? Ask the supplier directly or Contact us for help and advice


  • Select the services that best meet your needs and add to your cart
  • Contact the supplier and book your service
  • Provide feedback – let others know what you think


Career Money Life can assist all sorts of people in any walk of life.

Have a look through our representative profiles to see what services people in similar situations to you may purchase. We recognise you are unique, but often there is value in learning from others.

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Craig’s Experience

Merger and Restructure at TELCO
  • Senior Finance Manager for 7 Years
  • Has a stay at home partner and 3 kids at university
  • Wants one more big corporate role before retirement
Merger and Restructure at TELCO

Hi I am Craig, I am 54 and I worked as a CFO of a large technology business . We recently merged with another firm and they didn't need two CFO's so I decided to take a package. My wife and I want to take some time out and do a few things on our "bucket list" like climb Machu Picchu and see Easter Island, but I am not ready to retire, I want one more big role. I have been at my current company 7 years, so I am a bit out of touch with the job market.

Peter’s Experience

Transitioning to a Portfolio Career
  • CEO of a retail company
  • Age 59 and married
  • Ready to move to the next stage of my career
Transitioning to a Portfolio Career

Hi. I am Peter, and I just finished up as CEO of a large retail company. I am 59 and looking to transition to retirement, but would like to keep my hand in the game with some board appointments and maybe some consulting.

Lin’s Experience

Retail Restructure Program
  • Shelf Planner in homewares retail chain
  • Age 32 with partner and no kids
  • Wants to start her own boutique retail store
Retail Restructure Program

Hi. I am Lin. I am 32. I have been working in retail my whole life, I love it. My last role was a Shelf Planner, in a boutique retail chain. It let me combine my creative side with my business skills. Unfortunately, retail is tough these days and my job was cut in a recent restructure program. I have decided to “seize the day" and start my own boutique.

Dave’s Experience

Big Bank Change Program
  • Senior Marketing Manager with Bank
  • Married, with toddler and baby on the way
  • Wants to find another corporate marketing role fast
Big Bank Change Program

Hi I am Dave, I am 44, have 19 years experience in marketing. I have spent the last 8 years as a Senior Marketing Manager at a financial services firm. Our team went through a restructure and I found myself without a role. It's been tough to come to terms with the change, but I am really focused on finding another marketing role with a big corporate as soon as possible. I have a toddler, my wife is expecting again in 6 months and she will be taking time off from her role as a consultant so I really need to get back into the workforce.

Lucy’s Experience

New CEO Changing Her Team
  • HR Director at Insurance Company
  • Single mum with an 11 year old son
  • Wants to find another HR Director role in a different industry
New CEO Changing Her Team

Hi. I am Lucy, I am 48 and I worked as an HR Director for a mid-size insurance company. I was recently made redundant when our new CEO came on board and wanted to bring in her own Executive Team.

I am really career-focused and want to use this opportunity to find a more senior position for myself. I would really like to change industry as well. I need to get back to work as quickly as possible though as I am the sole breadwinner for my son Ben and I, as I was recently divorced.

Mike’s Experience

Becoming a Consultant
  • Property Broker
  • Real Estate
  • Age 56, partner, no children
Becoming a Consultant

Hi, I'm Mike. After many years of working as a civil engineer, I got to a stage in my career where I felt like a wanted a change. I wasn't quite ready to retire, but wanted more flexibility. So I decided to set up as an engineering consultant.

It was one of the best decisions I have made and I haven't looked back!

Vikki’s Experience

Change of Preferred Supplier
  • Business Consultant to Government
  • Age 37 with partner and two young kids
  • Wants to take some time out for family
Change of Preferred Supplier

Hi, I am Vikki. I am 37 and have two wonderful kids, Jack and Lilly. I have been working part-time, 3 days a week at a consulting firm. My partner, Scott, works in IT and has been flat out on some big projects lately with lots of travel. We have been finding it hard to juggle things with the kids recently, so when I found out my role was being made redundant due to our firm losing a big government contract I was both upset and a bit relieved at the same time. I had only been with my company for 3 years so I didn't get a big package, but it is enough to keep us going for a while until I figure out what comes next for me.

Vince’s Experience

Call Center Moving Offshore
  • Age 25 and Single
  • No commitments
  • Wants to see the world
Call Center Moving Offshore

Hey there, Vince here, I am 25 and I lost my job recently at a call centre when the company decided to send jobs overseas. I get that it is cheaper to do that, but it is really hard for people my age to find a new roles sometimes. I didn't go to uni, but I have worked hard and was managing a team in the outbound call department. Tough role, but I really liked the team I worked with. I have decided to siege the day and take some time off to travel for a few months before I start to search for my next role. I have always wanted to see South America, so now's my chance. I am single, and sharing a house with some friends, so it was pretty easy for me to take off for a while.

Con’s Experience

Airline Cost Reduction Program
  • Separated with two kids 6 and 8
  • Going through a stressful time
  • Looking for support
Airline Cost Reduction Program

Hi, I am Con, I was an airline Aircraft Mechanic for the last 10 years. We have been going through a lot of change and uncertainty with the airline industry and it has really taken a toll on me and my health. My wife, Angela, and I recently separated and I am juggling being a single Dad. Then I heard my role was being made redundant in the latest cost reduction program.

Jane’s Experience

Contemplating Part-time Work
  • Financial Controller
  • Age 55, Married with 2 kids
  • Ready to transition to part-time work
Contemplating Part-time Work

Hi. I am Jane. I have been working in the finance industry for my entire career and it's what I love! I have been lucky to work for some great companies and, whilst I love what I do, I am ready to take a step back in my career now and focus more on my family. My mother has had some recent health issues, and is quite elderly, so I would like to have more time to be there for her and have some time for me as well. I am still keen to work so my focus is on finding a part-time role that gave me better work life balance. I was very fortunate that my employer gave me the opportunity to explore transition options. I looked at different options, and then spoke with my manager, and she agreed to transition my current role to 3 days a week, which is perfect for me.

Nicole’s Experience

Changing Career
  • Age 28 and single
  • Passionate about the environment
  • Wants to make a career change from law
Changing Career

Hi, I am Nicole I am 28 and I have been working at a small law firm for 5 years since graduating from Law School. While I have enjoyed this role, I really am passionate about the environment and would like to change my career and work in the sustainable energy sector. It is something I have talked a lot about but now I want to make the change. I recently was made redundant along with a number of my colleagues as our firm has lost a big account. It has been hard to go through this but I am determined to turn this into a positive for me.

Glenn’s Experience

Industry Closing
  • Shop Foreman for the Last 12 Years
  • Age 51 with working wife and 3 teenage children
  • Needs to find full time work
Industry Closing

Hi. I am Glenn, 51 and I lost my job in the auto parts industry. I had worked with my employer for the last 12 years and with a competitor before that. We all knew that things were getting tough, but it was really hard to think about my future beyond the auto manufacturing industry. My partner, Gail, and I have three kids, Emma, 19, at uni and twin boys, Jack and Mitch, who are doing VEC this year. Gail works part-time as a nurse and the budget runs pretty tight sometimes. I have a mortgage of $200K to pay off, but at least I got a good package and help with changing careers.

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