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About Us

Career Money Life is run by a creative diverse team of people.


we speak 18 languages
we've lived and worked in 23 countries
we drink over 22 lattes a day and
we have 201 years of work experience

— But —

we all share 1 passion,
helping people achieve their personal and career goals

Our story

Career Money Life all started over a dinner conversation, about life and next steps.

As a former HR executive I had often been involved in making decisions about the development of employees or job cuts in my organisation. Then the table turned and I was made redundant; something most of us can expect to go through at least once in our career.

For the first time I had a chance to stop and think about what do to next. I was very lucky that I was given some flexibility with my career transition support.

So, over dinner that night, I realised then that most people don’t get this choice, this ability to drive the process, to determine what they need and when they need it. So I decided to change that and give organisations a simple way to offer people choice not just in career transition, but also in their career development and well being.

The result, is I not only figured out what I wanted to do next, but I also built Career Money Life, so you and your organisation can work together to achieve your unique goals with ease.

Sandy Hutchison
Founder, Career Money Life

Meet our Team

Our values

We think business can be successful while adding value to everyone in the process - Career Money Life is that kind of business. Our values are to:

Focus on what’s next for our customers and all else will follow

Deal with all our clients, employers, and suppliers honestly and fairly

Seek, value and share feedback – it’s how we improve

Build strong connections and networks

Keep things simple, transparent and clear