Our story

Career Money Life was born from a passion to help people to have the best possible career experiences – and knowing that HR departments often just don’t have the tools or time they need to provide this. Founded in 2014 by renowned HR executive Sandy Hutchison, Career Money Life’s goal is to empower employees in every organisation to design their own unique and customised career journey, and give busy and often under-resourced HR teams everywhere the ability to do this in one simple, all-in-one platform.

Our Founder

Sandy Hutchison, CAHRI

In her highly successful HR career that included multiple notable roles, including being appointed HRD at Marsh and McLennan Companies and becoming a Partner at Mercer, Sandy always felt that she was providing a less-than-ideal experience for people at her respective organisations.

Yet, it was clear to her that the time and effort required to deal with multiple suppliers (both from an HR and procurement perspective) meant that it was often impossible to offer employees a more tailored and personalised experience.

When she was made redundant in 2013 and she had a truly personal experience of how life-changing career transition services can be, she realised that this was her opportunity to ensure that others, forever more, had access to breadth of services and assistance she received – and that HR teams could easily offer this.

Out of this desire, Career Money Life was created.

Our Team

  • Andrew McDonald

    CFO and CTO

  • Anne Hutton

    Client Services Director

  • Bettina Publico

    Client Support Lead

  • Andy Hird

    Systems and Technology Lead

  • Olaf Kruger

    Software Developer

  • Karim Norman-Gorjux

    Software Developer

  • Simon Avril

    Web Developer

  • Arvy Publico

    Web Designer

  • Teigan Margetts

    Marketing Advisor

  • Marven Estoce


  • Gilbey Auxtero


Advisory board

  • Peter Promnitz

    Advisory Board Chair

  • Alec Bashinsky

    Board Member

What we believe in

  • Future focus

    We’re always trying to stay on the cutting-edge of HR industry developments so we can provide the best possible service.

  • Honesty and fairness

    We’re fully transparent, honest and fair in how we deal with our clients, employees and suppliers.

  • Share feedback

    We, and all of our suppliers, welcome feedback with open arms, as we know it helps us improve.

  • Relationships matter

    Our relationships are what fuels our business, so we strive to build strong and lasting ones – every time.

  • Keep it simple

    Technology often isn’t simple – but it should be. Our platform is built to be as easy to use as possible, for you and your people.